Xhost, as a specialist web hosting provider, offer a wide range of quality web services at competitive prices which you can take advantage of by becoming a reseller.

Xhost are happy to work with resellers.  We like working with small resellers (2 to 50 sites) who are keen to deliver results for their customers.  Working within an inflexible reseller situation can leave the small reseller vulnerable to being wrongly blamed for unresponsiveness.  We know how important individual problems are when you are dealing with customers.  We know that we need to provide an excellent service to you for your customers to view you as effective.  It's simple!  You have the ability to be successful if we are on the same team

What is it ?

We provide the network connection, the web server, and all the specialised server software required. We support and monitor the server to provide your customers with at least 99.5% availability. You buy the services from us at discount prices and re-sell to your customers at your prices, adding your own service wraparound.

We provide you with a priority support account so that any server problems or administration requests you pass to us, are dealt with promptly and efficiently. We will also provide you with a detailed monthly account showing individual services and discounted prices so that you may bill your own customers.

Reseller Discounts

The reseller discounts are based upon the number of accounts (regardless of the type of account), and will be applied to all new signups you apply for using your reseller ID.

Become a Reseller

If you are already an Xhost customer, you are eligible to become a reseller of our services. The more accounts you have, the more you save.

When you request your second account you may transfer your account status to become an Xhost reseller and start making money on resold accounts.

With our service and support guarantee, you can keep your customers happy and provide them reliable service.

To transfer your account to reseller status contact accounts@xhost.co.uk

 Accounts Discount
2-5  15%
6-10  20%
11-15  25%
16+  30%