are an approved Allaire Hosting and Consulting Partner.  Our technical staff have many years of experience in hosting Cold Fusion servers, and offer one of the most stable and affordable Cold Fusion environments anywhere. We have supported all versions of Cold Fusion, and are now pleased to announce support for the latest and best version Cold Fusion 4.5.1 Professional.

We understand that hosting a database-centric website requires a greater degree of product knowledge, an understanding of Cold Fusion development methodologies, and a specially tuned server to maintain the level of availability possible in static page hosting.

We have designed a standard configuration for our database hosting servers with Cold Fusion in mind, and employ an intelligent monitoring system to continually check that our servers are serving Cold Fusion pages properly, and that the server resources are operating at maximum efficiency. If the server falls outside these parameters, automatic action is taken to restore peak service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We also know that even with these systems in place, Cold Fusion users may sometimes experience problems when the server appears to be operating correctly. For this reason, we also employ an advanced monitoring system which will monitor deep into a Cold Fusion application, and will automatically page our support staff the minute any problems are experienced.

We have the technical expertise to support the problems associated with advanced database hosting, gained through years of Cold Fusion Hosting and web development using Cold Fusion. We can answer most questions our users may have with using this powerful web development environment.

ColdFusion is the industry's leading cross-platform Web application server. With ColdFusion, Web developers can quickly develop and deliver a new generation of large-volume, transaction-intensive Web applications for everything from e-commerce to business automation and more