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For any E-Commerce web site, four key components are required; a storefront, a checkout, a site for your store and an E-mail address. Xhost has partnered with WorldPay to offer you a complete E-Commerce Solution.

WorldPay clears all the major credit and debit cards, including: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Switch, Delta and Solo.

There are two basic models: 

  • WorldDirect - for those with a customer relationship with WorldPay only. 
  • Bank Acquired - for customers who already have a relationship with a bank acquirer for their internet transactions, and who choose to use WorldPay's payment gateway for the routing of these transactions to this acquirer. 

Bank Acquired 

Remittance is arranged between the customer and their acquiring bank. In this model WorldPay simply acts as the intermediary between the customer and the bank acquirer and has no influence on remittance times. 

WorldPay can also remit in Euros to Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland and Spain. 

WorldPay can process transactions in virtually any currency, and can process through virtually all of the UK and US banking network. Multi-currency transactions are passed through NatWest Bank in the UK. 

For customers using the WorldPay payment gateway to route Internet transactions to their existing bank acquirer the following charges apply: 

  • WorldPay payment processing facilities for 150 annual fee plus 75 setup fee, which also includes 5 free currencies (if you process through NatWest). Additional currencies by arrangement. 
  • 2.25% Customer Service Charge on credit card transactions payable to WorldPay, in addition to the rate charged by your processing bank, which for Internet transactions is typically between 1.5 and 5%. 
  • 50p charge per debit card transaction in addition to the rate charged by your processing bank. Note that this is not in addition to the CSC detailed above. 

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Remittance is made weekly after a maximum of 4 weeks (for example, the customer will receive week 1's revenues in week 5, week 2's in week 6 etc.) 

WorldPay can remit funds due for customer's bank accounts in 22 currencies to any bank world wide, using the SWIFT payment system. 

For customers that sign up to WorldDirect for their internet transaction processing the following charges apply: 

WorldPay payment processing facilities for 150 annual fee plus 75 setup fee, which also includes 5 free currencies. (Additional currencies by arrangement.) 

4.5% Transaction Service Charge on credit card transactions. Note that this is the ONLY fee charged, there are no additional charges payable to banks or other third party organisations. 

50p charge per debit card transaction. There are no additional charges payable to banks or other third party organisations. 

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WorldPay Technology

WorldPay's Select Gateway is the core of WorldPay's eCommerce enabling solutions. Built around leading web technologies from Sun, The Apache Software Foundation, JavaSoft and Sybase, WorldPay Select provides customers and their shoppers with a wide range of payment methods and reporting tools. 

WorldPay Select accepts payment information via the web, capturing card and shopper details for authorisation of payments via the banking network. Transaction results can be viewed by the customer and their shoppers and automatic messaging facilities provide digital receipts directly to both parties from WorldPay. 

Through WorldPay Select, WorldPay provide a range of integration methods to meet the needs of a diverse community of eCommerce traders. These methods provide support for solutions from small one-off customised applications through to large organisations integrating their own legacy systems with the help of third-party developers. WorldPay Select payment pages are responsible for capture of shopper card details, removing the need for the customert to have a secure web-server or secure shopper databases whilst a callback model allows the customer site to respond appropriately to card authorisations. This callback system can be used to provide information to web applications that need to be dynamically updated in response to authorisation messages. 

All transactions are encrypted using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) architecture (dependent on browser support), and are signed using Thawte digital certificates. 

How It Works

  1. The shopper locates the customer's eCommerce site
  2. The shopper browses the customer's catalogue
  3. The shopper adds products to their 'basket', then decides to pay 
  4. The customer's WorldPay facilities issue an encrypted 'purchase token' containing the purchase details
  5.  WorldPay decrypts and interprets the encrypted 'purchase token' 
  6. WorldPay present the payment form to the shopper 
  7. The shopper enters their card details and submits the form
  8. The card is authorised 
  9. Authorisation is sent to WorldPay 
  10. Acceptance confirmation is sent to the customer
  11. WorldPay sends the response to the shopper 
  12. Funds transfer takes place


WorldPay payment solutions are fully integrated into a wide range of leading shopping applications and already incorporate WorldPay's single or multi-currency payment solutions. Some shopping applications also provide access to WorldAccount and FuturePay. 

The Xhost E-Bronze account offers support for Actinic Catalog which fully integrates with Worldpay.

If you are writing your own pages then you can also utilise a secure HTML form that passes the WorldPay Gateway the parameters required to identify yourself and your total payment required.