Select the Most Suitable Xhost E-commerce Plan

For a quick and easy entry level e-commerce store choose our Actinic E-commerce bronze package.

For higher volumes and a more customisable store then Storefront V5 E-commerce Silver and Gold are more suitable. If your site is going to be heavily shopped then you may need the additional power of our Platinum E-commerce plan with SQL database and StoreFront Advanced Edition.

Obtain E-commerce Software

Depending on which E-commerce plan you choose then you will need to purchase either Actinic
Catalog V4 or StoreFront V5 with Microsoft FrontPage2000. Actinic is a user friendly product with
easy to follow steps to building your store. You can try the product at Actinic's site. StoreFront is
fully integrated with Microsoft FrontPageŽ adding robust, flexible e-commerce tools right into the FrontPageŽ tool bar. You can try the award winning software at our Partner's site.

Build Your On-Line Site

Both Actinic and StoreFront have easy to follow steps for building your store. Xhost will assist at all stages in the creation of your store if required. We recommend you visit Actinic and StoreFront sites to experience some real on-line stores.

Secure Your Site

To deliver the world's highest level of trust, our Partner, VeriSign, authenticates your organization, enabling end users to verify your site and communicate via state-of-the-art SSL


Choose Your Payment Collection Method

Choose either on-line payment processing (money deposited from your site straight to your bank account) or off-line via an e-mail & database notification of sale. Xhost support both Worldpay and Cybercash.

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