ActinicXhost are pleased to announce it's support for Actinic Catalog on all it's hosting plans. As an easy to use, entry level E-Commerce system, Actinic catalog is the ideal solution for your web shop.

  • New Plan Type e-bronze provides an ideal low cost entry plan for small to medium businesses.
  • Available as an addon for all plans Bronze to Platinum.
  • Customer should obtain client software from Actinic or authorised re-seller (Actinic Catalog V4 349 approximately Ex VAT).
  • All shop support is provided through Actinic's support program.
  • Only Perl scripts supplied by Actinic will be loaded on our plans.
  • Xhost will provide all Server connection details.
  • Only FTP access will be provided to Actinic enabled plans.  FrontPage access will NOT be provided.

Actinic Catalog is specifically designed to enable small companies to set up shop on the Internet. It includes everything you need to set up and service a state-of-the-art sales channel across the Internet, and is specifically designed for ease of use, security and low cost operation.

Key Benefits

Actinic Catalog has four key benefits which we believe are crucial for Internet traders

  • High value: with its low cost of investment, Actinic Catalog reduces business risk and releases funds for the hosting, design and marketing services required to make an e-commerce site successful.
  • Secure: integrated bank-approved 128-bit security. Alternatively, supports SSL and integrates with market leading payment gateways for real time credit card processing. Security approved by Which? WebTrader and leading shopping portals.
  • Easy to use: Windows user-interface provides a familiar environment. Updates are made easily from your PC and customer data is always available. There are no monthly rental charges for your software, and no price increases for additional products.
  • Complete: integrates all elements of the business process, from site generation to the printing of invoices. Direct Order Delivery ensures that orders arrive at their destinations and not in a black hole in cyberspace.

Full list of features below:

General Features

  • Windows-based user interface
  • Uses standard commercial Web space
  • Run multiple web stores from one PC
  • Upload and maintain store from one PC and process orders from another

Site design

  • IMPROVED: Choice of site themes
  • NEW: 'Colourising' feature
  • Theme manager enabling full custom design
  • Export and import of custom themes
  • Configuration wizard self-configures site to commercial Web space
  • NEW: Navigator guides through web store creation process
  • All fields and messages fully customisable
  • IMPROVED: Better support for installing on new servers

Product Entry

  • Supports 10,000 products with product images
  • Tree control with drag-and-drop manipulation
  • Unlimited depth of sections and sub-sections
  • NEW: Unlimited user-definable product attributes and components
  • NEW: Offline stock monitoring generates alerts to low stock levels and suppresses out of stock items
  • Import of product data via CSV files

Business settings

  • Vendor defined terms and conditions
  • Shipping charge calculations based on quantity, order value or weight
  • NEW: Separate handling charges
  • NEW: Pricing in any two currencies
  • Unlimited tax rates
  • IMPROVED: Automatic tax calculations based on geography
  • Display tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive prices, or both

Marketing and Promotion

  • Search-engine friendly
  • Up-sell using product bundling
  • Site referrer programme support
  • Which? Web Trader approved security
  • Accepted by leading portal sites

Site features

  • NEW:High speed searching on text and price using dynamic indexing
  • Site map
  • Support of frames

Order processing

  • Integral electronic shopping cart
  • NEW: Customers can receive email confirmation of order
  • NEW: Use of cookie to remember customer details
  • Offline order processing with full encryption of orders until downloaded to your PC
  • Email alert when a batch of orders is waiting
  • Manual adjustment of order details
  • NEW: Back-ordering enables processing and shipping of a single order as part orders
  • Print packing lists and invoices
  • Export orders as CSV file
  • Production of data entry reports and credit card schedule
  • Recording of payments and tracking against orders

Security and payment

  • All conventional currencies supported
  • Integrated, Java-based 128-bit encryption
  • Supports SSL
  • Supports all market-leading payment service providers
  • NEW: Comprehensive 'snapshot' site backup


  • Comprehensive user guide and on-screen help, with full telephone technical support

Award winning

  • Voted best e-commerce solution by leading Internet and PC magazines.

Limited version available

  • Actinic Catalog LE hosts up to 25 products (150 + VAT) and retains full product functionality. Upgradeable to the full version of Catalog.
Security and online payment
  • Optional online credit card processing
  • Integrated, bank approved security
  • Optional support for SSL (as an alternative to Actinic encryption)
Catalogue design options
  • Automatic calculation of delivery charges based on geography, weight, shipping method and other factors
  • Design flexibility including ability to produce web sites in languages other than English
  • Complete control over every message produced by the software at the web site
  • HTML design templates, including support for frames, with unique template 'colourise' feature
  • Automatic generation of buttons and drop-down lists for product variants and components
  • The ability to support a catalogue with a hierarchy of sections including optional generation of site maps and navigation links
Order processing
  • Data entry report for companies that wish to re-key orders into another system
  • Export orders option to interface Catalog into order processing systems
  • Payments can be recorded and tracked against orders
  • Back ordering facility allows shipping of a single order as part orders
  • Stock monitoring feature generates alerts on low stock levels and removes out of stock products
  • Online address book and 'Remember Me' feature
Versatility [PC vs Server article]
  • Ability to run multiple Catalog instances from a single PC
  • Ability to upload and maintain the catalogue from one PC and process orders on another
  • Pricing in any two currencies, comprehensive taxation options
Speed and ubiquity
  • Wide browser support, and simple operation with services such as Compuserve
  • Faster download time and a switch to Java only for Actinic encryption
  • Better support for installing on new servers
  • Enhanced proxy support
  • High speed indexed searching on products and price bands, including multiple words
  • The ability to support catalogues with up to 10,000 items/li>
  • Catalog sites are produced in static HTML and are viewable by search engines

Minimum Actinic Catalog V4 & LE version system requirements:

  • Pentium PC running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT4
  • minimum 32MB memory, 64MB preferred
  • 60MB free disk space
  • recommend 65536 colour display 
  • Internet access


* Actinic Catalog client software required.